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Who I am

My name is Krzysztof Mosek. I'm freshly graduated M.Sc.Eng. of computer sciences at Poznan University of Technology in Poland.
Modern technology is one of these things, which I really love and admire at the same time. Fact that I can actually create a part of future world, makes me feel alive, passionate and excited. I'm realising my passion in software engineering and hobbies.

What I do

Main field of my expertise is web application development in Java programming language.
I work for Roche Pharmaceuticals as a software engineer.
As a hobbies I'm a big fan of: cycling, guitar, photography and travelling.

Latest projects

Large scale drug selling platform. In case of buying large amount of drugs from Roche Pharmaceuticals, variety of reimbursemeents might be applied. I've been a part of team responsible for developing application logic together with user interface.

Financial management system for medical conferences exclusively for Roche Pharmaceuticals. Application has been developed in form of Software as a Service (SaaS) using very hot technology stack. Together with variety of specialist, we delivered product on time and within budget. My role - Java and JavaScript development.

Thesis defense system for Poznan University of Technology. Whole process of thesis defense is quite complicated and requires filling a tremendous amount of documents. Our product was aimed to simplify the whole procedure in form easy to use web application connected with the services of PUT. I work with a team consisting of 5 people (project manager, analyst and 3 developers) in PRINCE2 methodology. I participate as a project manager with addition of analyst/architect responsibilities.

Prototype of intelligent building management system based on ATmega microcontrollers, microcomputer Raspberry Pi in addition with variety of client applications. My role - Java and Android development.

Professional Career

Roche is a Swiss global health-care company and my current employer. I'm a contractor, delivering requested software for Application Development department. Role: Java and JavaScript development.

XTM is company developing translation management system. I participated developing features and maintaining existing software for their main product XTM Cloud. Role: Java development with a little of JavaScript.

Poznan University of Technology, requested for thesis defense system, which will cooperate with local PUT services. Role: Project manager with addition of Analyst/Architect responsibilities.

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